Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Hair Hair Hair

My Hair is about 2 inches past my shoulders and I'm ready to hack it off. It's gotten way too white trash for me, looking like a tumbleweed. All I do is stick it in a ponytail everyday. I've always liked the shoulder-length look, but I might be ready to cut it off a little shorter.

These are the styles I like so far. Notice how I picked Keira Knightley? Maybe I can ask the stylist to just turn me into her. hehehe.

What do you think?


Elly said...

I would just say, try to be realistic about your hair. If you don't want to take time with it in the morning and don't want to spend money on gel and wax and mousse and whatever, (like me,) your hair is going to look like your hair, only shorter. So, it's a good idea to get a hair cut that will look good even when you don't want to do anything to it (and, of course, when you do).

Anonymous said...

I think your hair would look totally cute in one of the cute, flippy Keira Knightly styles. I can also relate to your blog about country music. People can say what they want, but it's easy to relate too and find truth in. Oh, and as far as your friends being out, we're all lame too and go home instead of going out. God, we're old ;) Love you!