Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day Two-Workout Tree

And I thought my workout was going to be hell. I get to the office this morning and find 10 messages on my phone, all from angry parents who have been billed wrongly by yours truly. UGHHHHH. I WENT TO FILM SCHOOL DAMMIT! The worst call was from a mom who no longer has custody of her son and getting a bill for a couple hundred bucks was like pouring salt on her open wound.

And guess what else? Today is "National BOSS Day" and I had to run out and buy a Steve Carell card at lunch. I DID however resist the temptation to swing by Del Taco while at the Halmark Store. GO ME!

Day two of the workout tree was good. I think I'm regaining my Pilates balance ( I only fell twice today). BTW Curmudge and Jiji, I DON'T see either of you blogging about your experience. Well, I guess they have Husbands and Soon-to-be husbands, so they have priorities. I SWEAR I only blog at work! I do not sacrifice quality LB time for the Internet! :)

All I can say is I'd BETTER get a big fat card on "Administrative Assistant Day" :)

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A curmudgeon said...

Nope, if I blogged at work, I'd have more than the current eight hours overtime so far this week. I'll catch up over the weekend. A brief catch up, I'm already ready to pass on the yoga tape and get something more...different. Also, I'm feeling a little cold/ful-y so there is some serious slacking going on down here. Keep it up ladies (some of us need to).