Friday, October 12, 2007

Day One

Can I pat myself on the back? I got up before dawn to work out and I even waited until AFTERWARDS to drink coffee. YAY!

I did NOT get up at 4:15 however (what was I thinking?). My alarm went off at 5 am, and I managed to get myself up at 5:15 (double yay for me). Honestly, I don't think I was fully awake until part two of my pilates video, because it was over before I knew it. Sweating was at a minimal this morning, since I haven't done the program in over 3 months, and therefore was losing my balance through most of it. So I had the added bonus of not showering afterwards. I think once I work myself back to where I want to be, I'll have to add a quick shower to the morning.

By 5:45 I was done, drinking my coffee (after chugging two glasses of water) and reading the paper. These are things I like to do in the morning, and I hardly ever get to. Usually by 6:45, I've hit the snooze button on my phone, and then finally let LB's indignant "MAMA" get me up. I chug the coffee (usually leaving it half full), while getting LB ready. If I let myself open the paper, that's when I'm usually late out the door.

So this morning I had the utter joy of fully devouring the Durango Herald. Since I used to work there in advertising, I really like to read the ads, as well as the articles. Plus this morning's paper had the added bonus of headlines containing "La Plata County District Attorney GETS LOCKED UP FOR DUI" :):):):) HAHAHAHA love it.

I think I'm going to make this a habit.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!!!! You did it. I totally knew you would. I love the picture by the way. Give a call and let me know what time you want to meet up tomorrow. Love you!!

Elly said...

Great job!!!! Whoo!