Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Back

So the reason I haven't blogged in a week or so is because blogger got stuck in the school district's internet filter. Those naughty high schoolers must have been blogging during class! SHOCKING! Unlike myself, who only blogs on her....ahem... lunch break.

This week has been to exhausting for me to blog at home.

My head hit the pillow last night at exactly 8:17. Why?

My grandma turned 73 this week and we took her out to dinner. Sadly, the distance between the restroom and our table seemed like half a city block, and since LB is in the midst of Potty Training Limbo, I was forced to haul her booty to the facilities every time she looked at me and said "Poop?"

How many times did she actually use the potty? 1 outta 4 times. Well I guess those odds a better than none, but MAN was I exhausted.

The 4th time she asked to go, I was like ughhhhhh. "You DON'T have to go!"

My mother almost bit my head off. "It is YOUR responsibility to take your child to the potty EVERY TIME she asks."

LB, high on "teesecake" and Ice "ceem" joyfully dragged my tired ass back to the restroom. She's learning how to jump, so walking is a whole new spaztastic experience. Whoa Nelly. I can't wait till she's jumping from the top step of the stairs.

Anyway, tonight I get to go out again. Yes, I actually get to be a real adult instead of a Potty Attendant. LB is staying with her grandma and I am taking my friends out for a celebration of sorts.

  • JL's grand opening is next Monday!

  • Jiji and Grady have set a date!

  • Curmudge and hubby have been married 2 years!!

So we're gonna hit Mama's Boy, which (according to my mom) is the new meat market for middle aged singletons and divorced Boomers. Maybe I can pick up an ex-hippie/doctor?



Anonymous said...

Word. A nice doctor would be good for both of us ;) Can't wait till tonight! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo! Hooray for coupons! Yes, I hope both of you find doctors so I can get some free consultations until I'm under Grady's insurance (8/8/08). :P