Tuesday, April 22, 2008


LB is officially in undies at daycare. She had two accidents yesterday, but otherwise had a pretty successful day. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot with any glowing expectations, but I think she's about 75% got it.

I'm thinking of throwing a potty party once we are in the clear. I intend to make all my friends wear potty crowns and embarrass them thoroughly.

Oh P.S. If you're gonna lie about how much you make on the child support worksheet, at least rig it so your payment is realistic. LB's daddy (a roofer) apparently makes less than I do, which still works out to be more of a payment than I requested from him originally.

Yeah. I'm not expecting much. Good thing I can support my daughter and myself alone. That's how I roll.

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Anonymous said...

Potty crowns, sounds like fun =) You know we dote on LB, so we'll do it (altough remember we'll have kids one day too, so you'll get to wear a potty crown too =) Thank you sooooo much for coming in yesterday (you too Curmudge, because I know you'll read this). Have a good day, love you!