Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Goal

I plan to start drinking more water, to counteract my snacking urge while sitting at the computer all day.

You Are 44% Healthy

Your diet is healthier than the average American diet - but that's not saying much!
You already know what's good for you. Just eat more of it.
Maybe I can work on my statistics a little, hmm?


Anonymous said...

Good plan. Water is huge in losing weight =) I get the lecture every week at meeting to drink lots of water. You are doing good too, look at how far you've come in a month, just imagine if we hadn't started the tree. I know I would be in a much worse place right now, that's for sure. Good luck with your new plan; I know it's gonna work =) Love you !!

nrbrinkhoff said...

You are right. One thing I took away from the military is that drinking a lot of water does wonders. I wish we could see immediate results when we work out. I am going through the same blah feelings right now. I know however that you look so much better than I do, so you have nothing to worry about. One thing I am going to do is take a picture now, and monthly as I am working out, so that way even though I am not feeling results, I can see if there are any over time. Miss you and love you!