Thursday, May 1, 2008


I guess my blog only works on alternate Thursdays. Maybe the IT dudes are too busy filtering out other blogging weenies around the school district. I feel special.

Do I believe in Luck? Sometimes. When it makes me feel better. Today I do. Why?

I successfully accomplished my nerdy/hippie/weirdo ritual of saying "white rabbit" this morning, being the first of the month, and all. Yay, no one in the world cares except me. I pat myself on the back, and finish drinking my coffee.

6:45 - Awaken Toddler
6:50- Potty (SUCCESS!)
7:00- Finish Cup o Java #2
7:10- Watch LB eat Cah-Teese (cottage cheese) with her hands
7:15- Get child in Car seat
7:16- Turn key in ignition
7:17- Listen to car struggle to start
7:18- Turn car off
7:19- Attempt #2
7:20- Attempt #3
7:21- Scan area for random construction workers.
7:22- Attempt # 4
7:23- LB laughs and says "Car STUCK"
7:24- Attempt #5
7:25- Attempt #6 (Did I mention how good at denial I am?)
7:26- Attempt #7 IT"S ALIIVVVE!!!!

Thank God I said White Rabbit, but that's only because I believe in luck today.


Colorado Girl said...

All I can say, is thank goodness it started =) It's good you said white rabbit ;) Hope your week is going good! Love ya!

April said...

hi - I found you thru Single Working Mommy's blog. Just wanted you to know there are a few of us single moms out here on the blog-o-sphere! Looking forward to reading more from you!