Friday, May 9, 2008

TGIF = $600 in my bank account

So I was scouring my favorite blogs, wondering if anyone got to experience the sudden elation I did about 20 minutes ago. Yes. There it was. $600 magically appeared in my bank account this morning. CHA CHING!

What am I going to do with it? Umm.... pay bills? Pay OFF debt? I'm a single mom here, with a daughter who will one day grow up and ask me for a large sum of money (hopefully for college, not breast implants, an eye job, or god knows what kind of plastic surgery will be available in the year 2024). So my Economic Stimulus check will be going into a Money Market account, and I'm going to pray that the Dollar won't be comparable to a Peso by the time LB is 18.

Yeah, that's right. SCREW YOU DUBYA. You can't FORCE me to spend my money on cheap ass Wal-Mart crap. Why would I spend money on something that isn't even made in our country? Aren't we trying to boost the economy, (meaning, supporting our OWN workers) not pay for sh**ty imported junk, that forces people to work for less than a dollar a day? I don't think so ASSCLOWN.

I'm going to take the little leftover cash and put it right into my friend JL's Opening Day Extravaganza. She's a hard worker and her family has been running a business in Durango for 3 generations now. I may also put a little money into the Farmer's Market, and throw a big dinner for all my friends.

I've been thinking about money a lot lately, since my boss took me out to lunch to celebrate "our' one year anniversary, she mentioned a raise is in my near future. I was also thinking about bloggers who actually get paid, and the amazing writers they are. Ms. Single Mama, who I just discovered, ALWAYS has funny, fearless, single-mom-friendly posts, introduced me to ANOTHER kick ass blogger. This lady is probably a total celebrity, but since I am out of the TV loop, I only can guess what her true identity. Her blog made me laugh out loud at least 3 times. She writes in her profile that her blog has created enough revenue for her hubby to QUIT HIS JOB and be SAHD!

Now maybe I'm just going on a fantasy bender because LB has been having issues at daycare lately, but OMG THAT WOULD BE MY DREAM! I'm salivating over it, honestly. Especially with the evil, looming "every other weekend" notion cutting into my already meager mommy time :(

Working full time never bothered me before. I was confident that my daughter could grow up to be an amazing, well-adjusted human being as long as she knew she was loved, and I could spend every non-working moment with her. Now that her dad is sliding back into the picture, he wants his fair share of parenting time. I know technically I get to see her everyday of the week, but really, that's only 1 hour in the morning before daycare drop-off, and about 4 hours between pick-up and bedtime. Its the weekends that are the days when I get to catch up on everything I missed Monday-Friday.

If only my blog had readers that expanded beyond Durango (no offense Colorado kids, I love you all), or if my Banner wasn't a half-assed, Publisher-created image, or if I knew more about Photoshop, or had something fresh to offer, then I could be one of those Full-Time Bloggers, traveling the world with my Gemini child in tow. I could sit outside with my laptop, while she played with her My Little Ponies, sipping coffee and listening to K.T. Tunstall & Cross Canadian Ragweed. Ok, so I know this dream-land coma is only induced by the fact I stare at a brick wall all day long, and part of me is still dealing with the "never want to see his face again" factor, but it would be.....swell, wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

First off...transfer your blog over the WordPress. Might take a good night's work to make it happen but WordPress makes it easy. Blogger stinks. MommyPie did this after I persuaded her...and it helped a lot with her hits!

And if it's not on your blog that you make an income (b/c that takes years of work and building readers) try this ...

I actually started one for Ben's daycare! Now I get daycare for free!!! Think outside of the box hon and keep up your fantastic blog.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! I got some money today too. Good thinking with the money market account. I'm gonna save some and use the rest to pay for some stuff for my house. You should totally be a pro blogger. I actually got an e-mail from one of my suppliers that one of the best advertising options for businesses is blogs. Maybe you could do something on the side. I can tell you that my business blog has gotten hit (a lady in Oklahoma Googled Durango scrapbook stores and found my blog and called us, she is visiting and wants to buy local scrapbook stuff =) Anyways, some of the major companies I buy from have started blogs, it is getting HUGE! Anyways, you should definitely look into it =) Love you and see you very soon!

Elly said...

As much as I love reading about your everyday life (and I do), no one's gonna pay you for it. Unfortunately. B knows some about what it takes to be a pro blogger (at least in theory, since obviously he's not), and if you wanted to talk shop with him I'm sure he'd be down. (But don't stop posting here--I love to read about you and LB. Good luck with her and Jed.)

A Curmudgeon said...

Hell, I'd pay to read your blog, 'specially if it meant you could stay home with LB. You always have been the best writer of our little high school group.

JL, told you about the website :p

I think I'll spend my $600 (if I ever get it) on finally paying off my doctors, how's that for supporting the local economy.

Anonymous said...

Having a money-generating blog would be awesome, but right now I have nothing too interesting to talk about. Maybe my life will be more interesting when I'm back at school this fall.

Anonymous said...

Success! You have reached beyond Durango. I'm reading you from Minnesota! Enjoy and best wishes on your endeavor!!! I would sign in with my blogger account...but I forgot my home.

Mankato, MN