Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meditation of the Day

I talked to a wise, wise person yesterday while I was home with a sick, teething toddler. His advice was:
Don't be a Martyr
Another goal to work towards. Suppressing the horrid Piscean tendency towards this is going to be rough. Can you be strong without being angry? Peaceful without being complacent? Spiritual without being Ignorant? Dedicated without being a martyr?
I hope I can find the answers to these questions.


Colorado Girl said...

Great advice =) You will overcome all these things and find peace. All the things you're feeling are very justified; you'll find your center soon. On a more random note, I remembered your DVD player today, so stop by anytime =) Love you lots!

A curmudgeon said...

That is a beautiful thing to aspire to. They say it's just an ongoing process, but better to try to live this way than keeping with the status quo. Every little step in this direction is a start towards a happier life (so I hear).