Monday, March 17, 2008


I looked at my calendar today and realized that I have 3 different meetings scheduled. Yeah, yeah, big whoop, I am an Admin Assistant, I schedule meetings. The only difference is this time I am IN the meetings, not just to take notes, make copies, get coffee, or to set up a conference call, I actually am presenting and discussing information. I actually serve a functional purpose other than secretarial. Wow. This means that I have knowledge and data that other people don't have. This means that in order for things to be accomplished, they need ME to move forward.

I know this is minor kudos, but it still feels good. It also makes me a little scared. Along with this realization, I have also noticed an increase in phone calls, emails, interoffice mail and other general communication that passes by my desk. I am now on two different committees in my district, and have started to dedicate serious time to my department's web page. The HR Director has informed me that he will be forwarding information on training for Notary Publics, and I should go ahead and order my supplies. AAaack.

An increase in responsibility is suddenly evident, and with plenty of district drama surrounding the hierarchical salary schedule, I don't doubt that there will be a rallying of Administrative Assistants in the near future. The question is do I want to take part in it?

As stressful as my job is, I like to keep a sense of levity by remembering that while I am sitting in my heated office, listening to podcasts, members of the facilities department are out there shoveling snow and pressure-washing graffiti off school buildings. Now THAT is a way to start your Monday morning, huh?

For every angry parent I talk to over the phone, there is a teacher out there who is physically breaking up a fight, a principal who has to search a kid for drugs, a school nurse who has to witness the effects of bullying, a counselor who has to report child abuse to Social Services, and a janitor who has 20,000 sq ft of hallways to mop before he can go home for the day.

Yeah, my job really isn't that hard.


Anonymous said...

You go girl on the whole more responsibilty thing. I know you're going to rock it =) Good luck with all your meetings today!
Love ya!

P.S. Did Curmudge get hold of you about going to see Thelma and Louise and the Abbey on Wednesday night?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I should have set at the Abbey, not and the Abbey...I'm an idiot today, what can I say?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm an idiot all of my comments are jumbled crap today...I digress...What I'm trying to say is that the movie is showing at the Abbey on Wednesday and Curmudge wants us all to go...damn it...that was way too hard today.

A Curmudgeon said...

Congrats on movin on up, hope you see some comparable compensation. Isn't responsibility great/a pain in the @ss. Oh, Notary isn't too bad, a little extra time, but not too bad.

KarmaTee said...

Well-Behaved Women teeshirts are going to be on sale, and you should all become members of the Women's Resource Center, which is sponsoring Thelma and Louise (it's a Chick Flix night!).

A Curmudgeon said...

Um, did you see today's obits?