Monday, March 10, 2008


I've been scouring the Internet for new blogs, since most of my links are close friends and other parents I've been reading for a while. However, I feel a little lonely as the only single mom on my blogroll. Where are all the single moms hiding?

Here are some good ones out there:

Ms Single Mama
Mama Cum Laude
Mommy Pie

Oh, and here are some additions to the Great Single Mom Movies that I totally missed.

Riding in Cars With Boys
Soul Food
As Good As it Gets

Also, I ran across this preview the other day, and its about a single mom, but its a little creepy looking. Its like Obsessive, crazy single mom movie, but hey, its directed by Kevin Bacon. What did I expect? I'm thinking about netflixing it, cause I dearly love Kyra Segdwick, but I don't know. What do you think?


Colorado Girl said...

Talk about a crazy movie trailer..omg! It looks good though, definitely a different take on being a single mom that's for sure. Thanks for having us over last night and giving me alcohol again =) Have a good day! Love you!

P.S. How's the stalking of the hulk going? ;)

Ms. Single Mama said...

Thanks for lurking!!! And for the shout out...I'll definitely be back to check your blog out. My son is about to attack me for being on the computer - so must run but thanks again!

Momma Cum Laude said...

Thanks for checking out my blog (and commenting!) I'll add you to my blogroll :)