Monday, July 16, 2007

No more please!

Everyday at work, I get at least one call saying:

"Hi, We're moving to the Durango Area and I'm wondering about your pre-school program..."

Sometimes I feel like responding: No. Stop. We have reached maximum capacity. Please turn around and go back to where you came from. The quaint town you are moving to will not longer be quaint if you people keep moving here. You will get sick of it, complain about the train smoke, and eventually leave when the traffic becomes bumper to bumper. Save us the time and energy.

Then I remember, I was in the same boat about 12 years ago.

But honestly. The more people move here, the more landlords can charge for rent, because the demand just gets bigger and bigger. My dad's landlord says over the weekend she received EIGHTY calls for her 1 bedroom listing. I was not one of those calls because she is renting her 1 bedroom for $895!!! I felt like calling her and asking her how the HELL could she sleep at night, knowing she was charging a that much money for ONE room?

You know what drives someone to do that?

  1. Greed
  2. The fact that 80 f***ing people called her over the weekend who are willing to pay that!!!!

How am I going to compete with that? I can bitch and moan about the woes of over-priced housing, but if people continue to pay it, then what good it that going to do? There will always be some dumb shmuck with money who just moved here and will cough up just about anything for the fresh air and sunshine.

It really just gets my goat.

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