Friday, February 1, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I have managed to find some sense of peace in the last few days. I think most of it has to do with the statement: "knowledge is power." I have sucked a lot of wisdom out of people this week, and it has brought me a little comfort in the process.

I also was a little indugent this week too. Ok, more like ridiculously indulgent. Here are the activities I gluttoned myself with:

  1. Hour long Bubble bath, complete with candles and kick-ass handmade products from local businesses.

  2. Flash-back to High School, while watching the oh so silly, but oh so "Remember Dawson's Creek?" MTV movie, Varsity Blues. I swear James Vanderbeek is wearing JNCOS in that movie. I am so glad to be part of the "Ginormous Jeans" Generation.

  3. Buying a 12-pack of Cherry Coke Zero, and drinking 3 cans in one day.

  4. Walking 6 blocks and forking over $14 for the Sushatarian Unan Noodle Set Lunch.

  5. Eating the classic dorm food: Totinos Pizza with Tobasco at 11:30 pm, while plotting coordinates on my Birth Chart, completely ignoring the fact I most likely would be getting up at 3 am with a feverish toddler, and outside a blizzard was raging.

  6. Succesfully saying "White Rabbit" this morning.

What guilty pleasures did you partake in this week? Did it involve dressing up in a gown or a wizard's hat? GO SNOWDOWN!


Colorado Girl said...

Go you =) You soooo deserve to indulge. Not to mention as a busy mom it's good to see you're making some time for you to let you keep your sanity (not that LB isn't wonderful =) Anyways, see ya tomorrow =) Love you !!!

A curmudgeon said...

I said to hell with Pooh, temporarily. The indulgance was a little knitting, a scarf for JL and now a scarf-type-thing for me. I am very glad that you took some time for yourself, that is so very important.