Sunday, September 2, 2007

Got a light?

I was too busy bitching about my week from hell (ok, more like de-stressing) that I forgot to mention some potentially awesome news.

On Friday I got a call back from PiƱon Terrace. They asked if I could come in and go over the finishing touches of my application before the big-wigs come down from Denver to look over everyone who is applying.

At this point, I had not heard back from the housing project since I faxed my "alternative references" in about 3 weeks ago. I wanted alternative references because I was terrified they might find some dark cloud looming in my financial past, or my lack of good rental history. So in a state of deep paranoia, I got my boss and co-workers to fill out these reference sheets and sent them in ASAP. Honestly, Could I look more desperate, and/or guilty?

I even went to the extreme of asking them if they needed MORE references, only to be cut off by the case worker's- "Um, NO. Your file is getting quite thick, actually."


Didn't expect to hear back from them after that,

To my joy and surprise though, I was asked to come in for further information.

Apparently, my income is now at the 60th percentile instead of the 50th. The project is only allowing 10% of units in the entire complex to be rented to 60th percentile families.
With my contract's extension to a 12 month employee, I technically am making more a month. Before, when I was an 11th month employee, I was only contractually paid for 11 months, but I asked that to be spread across 12 months, so I would not be left with empty pockets next June.

Luckily, my case worker told me that I am at the top of the list for one of the 2-bedroom apartments for the 60th percentile bracket. The rent would be $730 a month plus utilities (more than I had originally planned on spending) and they told me that they can guarantee that utilities won't be higher than $60 a month. Even in the winter!

So $800 a month is a little scary, but I think I can make it work. My paycheck last month was significantly higher than I thought it would be, and if I can keep pulling similar income, then rent should be doable. And as scary as all that may be, I keep coming back to these warm and fuzzy thoughts:

  • LB will have her own room.
  • I will have my own room.
  • I will be living in an apartment that is mine.
  • I will no longer be living with my mother.

I know all of this may sound a tad selfish and materialistic, but after 6 months of returning to my high school life (this time with a baby attached), these thoughts bring me more happiness than if I had just won the lottery.

I know that this is not for sure. But its a hope that was NOT presently in my life before. This hope is making all my worries a little less worrisome, LB's teething a little less grating, job issues a little less stressful, and making the ends of my mouth perk up just a little bit more.

I drove out to the jobsite where they should be finishing the apartments by October, and got a slight adrenaline rush. I REALLY want to live there now.

I hope I haven't jinxed it.

Cross your fingers for me.


Colorado Girl said...

Yea! I'm stoked for you. Hope you are better. Call me.

Love ya, JL

Liz said...

Fingers are crossed for you. I hope it works out.