Friday, June 15, 2007

Low Income Housing my Ass

So my friend )who works for Habitat for Humanity) went to the La Plata Co. Housing Authority's meeting on Low Income Housing availability in the county and told me that there were only 3 other families there who looked interested in low income housing. They of course were silent the whole time while investors, builders, Realtors and developers debated on why we really NEED low income housing projects in our county.

One guy actually was whining about how his newly built houses were not selling and he HAD to lower his prices to $225,000! He apparently considered that low income and couldn't understand why people we're jumping on the scorching hot deal. He didn't think we needed to set aside any more land for low income housing projects because the county was just overflowing with opportunity for families like me.

Whatever Dude. Why don't you move into a Kitchenette at the local Meth Motel, pay $225 a week for cigarette-burned sheets, cops banging on your door, and really understand what Low Income means. If someone can't even afford to pay monthly installments for a shitty little room, and has to succumb to weekly payments, what makes you think they can afford a $2000/month mortgage? What makes you think that people like us can get approved for a loan that big?

It makes me so GOD DAMMNED ANGRY.

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